The know-how and expertise of Sud Ouest Système are what enable us to offer special, high-capacity machine tools ideally suited to our customers' technical requirements and their budget objectives.






We ensure that the machine tools we manufacture meet your needs in terms of operation, safety and cost-effectiveness.  

Our engineering offices will examine your specifics down to the very last detail, whilst also considering the ergonomics of the machine.

We can fit these machines with an array of accessories to suit a range of different types of projects.







Our continuous-operation positioners can be adapted to suit your needs and will enable you to accurately position tools from 6 to 80 t.

Our positioners are programmable.

We can build positioners with a customised linkage interface.




For the manufacturing of composite materials, which have become indispensable in the aeronautics industry and are set to become indispensable in the automotive industry as well, we can provide machine tools specially designed to manufacture your materials.

Composite materials place significant strain on machines and tools. Sud Ouest Système is very familiar with this category of special-purpose machines.





Specific machine tools, including riveting machines, seven-axle tool holders and orbital drilling tool holders for customers such as AIRBUS, were manufactured in our workshops.
We also manufacture:

  • Multi-spindle milling machines for hard metals;
  • Orbital drilling machines;
  • Non-destructive test cells;,
  • Sawing for resistant materials.