Engineering and design

Whether you are looking for standard machine tools or tailor-made machine tools for high-capacity machining, we are here to help.
A designated project manager assigned to each contract will cater to your machine tool construction or refurbishment needs and will guide you throughout the entire process.

  The mechanical and hydraulic engineering office

Our mechanical and hydraulic engineering office will design or refurbish your machine tool based on your specific requirements and production needs:

  • The office will work in accordance with your precise specifications,
  • The design process is carried out using Solid Edge 3D CAD software on six dedicated workstations,
  • The structure is calculated using the finite element method,
  • The department handles risk assessment for CE certification.

Our expertise in the design of special-purpose machines (orbital drilling tool holders, riveting machines, workholding tools, industrial sawing units) is a valuable asset.



Once the mechanical design stage is complete, the engineering office
monitors development to ensure that your machine tool conforms to specifications.



 Electrical engineering office

The electrical engineering office designs your project in terms of building the switchgear cabinets, electrical receptacles and cabling required to run the machines.

  • Electrical system design for machine tools and subassemblies,
  • Determining the power supply and protection, high voltage and low voltage,
  • Schematic diagrams, layout diagrams, wiring diagram and bills of materials,
  • We use SEE Electrical Expert software for our engineering processes.


études électrique machines spéciales



Experienced expert technicians will oversee
the installation of your machine tool on your premises.



   Automation engineering office


études automatisme de machine outil de grande capacité

Thanks to its 30 years' experience in the construction and refurbishment of machine tools, our automation engineering office can take care of:

  • digital control program design;
  • the optimisation of digital servo motors and automated programs;
  • the development of customised HCI and supervisory software;
  • program testing using FANUC, NUM and SIEMENS test benches;
  • connecting machines to the customer's network.

Automation is optimised to improve the productivity of our customers and industry partners.  

Our teams manage the projects, and then assist and train customers.  



The Sud Ouest Système automation engineering office promises to deliver
optimum results for your machine tools or special-purpose machines.