Installation at the customer's premises

Our teams, who receive regular training on new technologies, will take care of assembly, cabling, start-up and testing, and can provide training to customers at their production facilities.

Dedicated and trained construction teams install and assemble the machine tools or special-purpose machines at the customer's premises.

They ensure that the machines are installed in line with best practices and in accordance with all applicable regulations. They also make sure that your machine tool is configured correctly and conduct the necessary tests before putting the machine into operation. Final acceptance takes place between the customer and the contract manager.

We place particular emphasis on user training and maintenance services.

Sud Ouest Système is an authorised training organisation.

A careful and thorough follow-up of the process ensures that your specific machine tools or high-capacity machines are smoothly and effortlessly put into operation.

Sud ouest système installe un positionneur

After-sales service

The after-sales service for new or revamped machine tools is handled by specialised technicians with the help of the appropriate engineering office.

Service Après vente et télémaintenance machine Outil

The company’s size and the way in which it operates means that users can be in direct contact with the manager who is best qualified to cater to their needs.




We offer remote maintenance solutions to repair your machine from a distance. These solutions also help to speed up the error diagnosis of your machine, and enable us to prepare the tools and skills required before visiting the premises.

All your questions will be answered and an appropriate solution will be identified that is adapted to suit your needs.