Our experienced and trained technicians carry out the assembly, fitting, cabling and adjustment of your machine tools or special-purpose machines in our workshops in Capdenac in the department of Lot, France.

Our specialised teams, which comprise mechanical fitters, cable fitters, and automation specialists, perform the fitting and assembly of subassemblies or entire machines in our workshops. Our switchgear cabinets are built in-house.

Our combinable 12.5- and 10-tonne overhead cranes with 6 metres of hook height facilitate the maintenance and assembly of large-scale machines.

The team will ensure that your machine tool is configured in line with your request for it to be put into operation at your facilities.

Tests are conducted at every assembly stage.

Your machine tool or special-purpose machine will be submitted to the contract manager for initial acceptance at our facilities before being shipped.




Elaboration de machines grande capacité

Shipping and delivery

For your peace of mind, our teams will take care of the shipping and delivery of your machine tool or high-capacity machine.

Protection avant expédition



This means that they manage all the handling, the protection of the vulnerable components and the packaging of your machine tool before it is loaded onto the vehicle.


Our transport and packaging partners enable us to deliver to customers worldwide.